Inverness Morning Tours

Take to the streets of Inverness for a daytime tour. (8 People Max)

3 hrs |     Adult:        £65
            Under 18:  £60 

Welcome to the Inverness Food & Drink Tours, a unique and easy paced exploratory adventure around this historical city, the capital of the Highlands.

Let us take you on a stroll through some of the magic, mystery, conflict and romance that has made the Highlands and Inverness so alluring for conquerors, travellers, mystics and adventure seekers from all over the globe.

Feast on delicious produce sourced locally from our farms, our rivers, our seas, our shores and the magnificent evolution of the traditional haggis, in its many glorious forms.  Indulge in the exceptional tastes of ales, whiskies and gins from our islands and glens, experiencing our culture in the best way possible, through the food!

You will be met in an easy to find location at falcon square, situated directly next to the local transport network hub.  From there, our local tour guide will take you to some of the lesser known spots, to give you an enlightened view of the beauty this area has to offer. 

Please come with an empty stomach and a large appetite.

It’s time for an adventure.