Hootananny's is celebrating their 20 year anniversary in 2022, having proudly supplied customers with the best entertainment and service the Highlands has to offer.  They have won several awards along the way, including “Best Live Music Venue in Scotland” at the 2019 Scottish Pub and Club Awards.


Traditional Scottish Music is essential for preserving our roots and telling the stories of our history; highlighting important moments that have shaped our country through the ages and paving the way to the one we have become.



Not only does it bring together generations of families and musicians in Scotland, Hootananny's also inspires people from far and wide to visit the venue, which has become a wonderful institution for locals and travelers alike. 


As we see the next wave of young musicians come through the door, we are beginning to experience a fresh take on old styles.


At Hoots, you can listen to all the above on any given night, as there are live performances every day of the week at 9:30pm. 


Combine all of this with a menu packed full of locally sourced salmon, beef, venison and vegetables, this is a terrific venue for you to enjoy- and you still have the rest of the Scottish Highlands to look forward to!