The History of  Highland Cuisine

Our journey began centuries ago.


Highlanders in Scotland survived on a simple diet of porridge, salt herring and potatoes intended to sustain them through rough, dreich weather in hard working conditions and the winter seasons. There was a need for sustenance to warm the body and reinvigorate the soul. Times were bleak but had to be endured. As the centuries passed by and life becoming a little easier, what was once a means of survival has blossomed.

Now, the combination of produce from local rivers, our seas, our shores and the magnificent evolution of the traditional haggis, in its many glorious forms has created a momentous array of mouth-watering platters for all to enjoy.

Whiskies from our islands and glens are hailed as the ancient elixir of Scotland. Its rich and tantalising taste reaches distant shores in the farthest corners of the world. This is a tiny part of the vast taste experiences available to our visitors. The increasingly expanding industries of gin, lager, ales and the faithfully authentic Irn Bru are sitting patiently around every approaching corner, waiting for you.

It's time for an adventure....

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